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The Oreana PAS is an Institutional-Grade Investment Consulting Service

The Portfolio Advisory Service (PAS) delivers institutional grade investment and portfolio management solutions for clients across Asia and Australia. The team have extensive experience providing investment services to retail and high net worth clients, family offices and institutional investors.

The PAS employs a flexible, comprehensive framework and repeatable processes. Our solutions are backed by expertise and thought leadership across the entire investment process.

Our Broad Range of Solutions Include:

Managed Accounts

We have a range of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs) available in Australia and Hong Kong across a range of investment platforms. These have delivered strong risk-adjusted returns for our clients through a challenging investment period.

Investment Governance

We are thought leaders and experts in investment governance and best practice stewardship. The PAS provides investment governance reviews, investment committee documentation and can participate in investment committees.

Advisory Solutions

Our broad expertise and institutional background mean we can provide a range of bespoke advisory solutions for clients. This includes portfolio construction and asset allocation, stress testing and scenario analysis, communications and capital market research, and Approved Product List management.

Manager Research

Shane Hawke is one of the leading manager researchers in Australia with more than 20 years of experience across research, advice, and portfolio construction. The PAS team can leverage this to provide strategy review and recommendations across a wide range of asset classes

Sustainable Investing Advice

We expect sustainable investing will be a growing issue for investors globally. The PAS is available to help with implementing sustainable investing into your advice practice, portfolio or investment processes and frameworks.

Our ESG White Paper

Sustainable Investing: Key concepts, trends and developments

Our whitepaper Sustainable Investing: Key concepts, trends and developments is designed to help our clients understand the how, what, and why of sustainable and ESG investing, in a simple, jargon busting format.

It provides an overview of key sustainable investing concepts, trends, and developments. And we provide some key takeaways and considerations for investors considering implementing investments within a sustainable framework.

Sustainable Investing: Key concepts, trends and developments

PAS is a flexible, comprehensive framework following a repeatable process to deliver great investment outcomes.

What is the Oreana Portfolio Advisory Service (PAS)?

The Oreana PAS story began in 2002, offering managed discretionary account services in Hong Kong. In 2019, PAS was approached by clients in Australia to deliver institutional-grade investment solutions including tailored advisory, SMA and MDA solutions. Since 2019, the client base has grown and the PAS now advises, manages and provides investment governance on more than AUD5bn in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Why Should You Rely on PAS?

We use a clear investment governance framework, repeatable asset allocation processes combined with an institutional framework for manager research and selection to deliver great investment outcomes.

An Experienced and Capable Team

We have a complementary skillset across global and domestic markets, with an institutional and retail background, giving you access to a unique and diverse investment opportunity set.

A Transparent, Collaborative Service Offering

PAS is committed to a clear, transparent service with ongoing collaboration, continuous improvement and innovation. We strive to be your trusted partner for investments, over the long-run.

Solutions and Ongoing Service Packages

We offer a range of ongoing service packages that align value to cost. Solutions can be tailored to meet your needs and the characteristics of your mission objectives, or you can select from our existing Separately Managed Account (SMA) or Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) solutions. You can access differentiated investment opportunities, solutions and engagement tools across a range of implementation methods.

Strong Partnerships

PAS has partnered with leading service providers in Australia and Asia to deliver great outcomes for clients throughout the region.

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      ESG White Paper