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PAS relies on its global investment heritage to provide investment solutions to retail and institutional clients across Australia and Asia.

A clear governance framework. Extensive investment expertise. Decades of experience in institutional and retail investment solutions across the globe. Our repeatable, clear investment process brings together our skills and experience to deliver great investment solutions.

Good investment governance requires the effective use of resources to solve an underlying investment issue. Ensuring great governance—which we call “best-practice stewardship” – is about using those resources to sincerely and transparently fulfil a fiduciary duty.

Clarity around mission and objectives

Our governance the process starts with understanding the objectives, how they link to investment beliefs and what that means for your required portfolio risk, risk capacity and risk tolerance.

A Flexible Opportunity Set

Our single, consistent investment engine helps drive you toward your goals, and our flexible execution ensures your journey is the right one for you.

Ongoing, Disciplined Oversight

We have a formal oversight committee that goes beyond just considering compliance and investment reporting to formally take on accountability to superintend the governance process.

A Robust Investment Policy

A common understanding of how your portfolio will help you achieve your investment mission and objectives is a critical part of the governance process.

A Consistent Implementation Process

We have a clear, repeatable governance process that consistently aligns the roles and responsibilities to your investment objective.

Transparent Reporting and Monitoring

Governance should be measurable, monitored and reported to show commitment to achieving your mission and objectives.

Oreana PAS Investment Processes

Our repetable, clear investment process links our best-practice stewardship investment governance with our deep investment expertise. The result is outcomes that deliver on your investment missions, objectives and goals.

Investment Governance

Best practice investment governance requires effective use of all of the tools and resources available to fulfill a fiduciary duty.PAS has decades of experience providing clear investment governance frameworks and Investment Committee management. Our whitepaper Investment Governance and Best-Practice Stewardship sets out our approach to investment governance.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) is the process that PAS uses to determine long-term asset allocation targets

SAA helps us to appropriately diversify your portfolio across a range of asset classes. Our SAA starts with understanding your investment mission and objectives. We use a repeatable, quantitative process to allocate across a range of separate asset classes. Our SAA process provides an anchor for our Dynamic Asset Allocation and our manager research decisions. The framework lets us align your risk tolerance with long-term investment objectives.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Our Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) process is our active investment strategy that adds value to our Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) capabilities.

The DAA process is implemented in our range of SMA and MDA solutions, and can be made available across a range of advisory solutions.

Manager Research and Selection

Shane Hawke is one of the leading manager researchers in Australia with more than 20 years of experience across research, advice, and portfolio construction. The PAS team can leverage this to provide strategy review and recommendations across a wide range of asset classes.

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